ISSP Workshop

The 1st U-Tokyo ISSP・RIKEN CEMS Collaboration Workshop


Date & Time : January 24th, 2024 (Wed)  9:00AM-5:45PM

Venue : Lecture Room (A632), 6th floor, Building A, ISSP

               Kashiwa Campus, University of Tokyo

Language : English

The Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP) was established in 1957 as a joint research institute and has since been a central figure in condensed matter physics internationally. It has consistently contributed to research, talent development, joint research, and collaboration. On the other hand, the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science (CEMS) was founded in 2013, bringing together top researchers in physics, chemistry, and electronics. Its mission is to elucidate the principles of emergent phenomena and explore their applications. Both institutes are dedicated to developing innovative new materials and constructing theoretical frameworks to benefit future human society, focusing on forward-looking research.

In the midst of intensifying international R&D competition, Japan's research level appears to be declining in recent years. Strengthening Japan's research capabilities is, therefore, an urgent issue. We believe cooperation between the two institutes can contribute to addressing this challenge. Consequently, we are organizing a workshop to explore the current status and future possibilities of collaborative research between ISSP and CEMS, focusing on deepening mutual understanding.

Through this workshop, we aim to elucidate the strengths and shared research interests of both institutes, foster dynamic exchanges of ideas among participants to shape the direction of new research leveraging their expertise and experience and pinpoint potential collaborative projects.






Max Hirschberger (CEMS,RIKEN)

Taro Nakajima (ISSP,U-Tokyo)

Yukako Fujishiro (CEMS,RIKEN)

Masashi Tokunaga (ISSP,U-Tokyo)

Naoki Ogawa (CEMS,RIKEN)

Takeshi Kondo (ISSP,U-Tokyo)

Keiji Ono (CEMS,RIKEN)

Kohei Kawabata (ISSP,U-Tokyo)

Russell Deacon (CEMS,RIKEN)

Masayuki Hashisaka (ISSP,U-Tokyo)

Xiuzhen Yu (CEMS,RIKEN)

Rina Takagi (ISSP,U-Tokyo)


Organizing Committee

Zenji Hiroi (ISSP,U-Toyko)

Takahisa Arima (CEMS,RIKEN/ GSFS,U-Tokyo)

Masashi Tokunaga (ISSP,U-Tokyo)

Taro Nakajima (ISSP,U-Tokyo)

Masayuki Hashisaka (ISSP,U-Tokyo)

Yoshichika Otani (ISSP,U-Tokyo)


Yoko Kaneda (

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